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... let's get started
Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, 13,50
onions and olives    
Plate Tirolese 13,50
smoked Speck and cheese    
Beef carpaccio with 15,50
rocket and parmesan flakes    
Grilled prawns with 19,00
 herb sauce    
... salads
Mixed salad with beef strips 16,00
and buffalo mozzarella    
Mixed salad with 18,00
grilled prawns    
Mixed salad with   14,50
breaded turkey strips    
Mixed salad with 13,50
tuna and boiled egg    
... moving on
Tagliatelle with salmon 10,00
Spaghetti carbonara 10,00
Spaghetti garlic, oil and paprika   8,50
Spaghetti or maccheroni with 8,50
tomato or meat sauce    
Shepherd`s pasta 10,00
Homemade ravioli with 13,00
butter and parmesan cheese    
Tyrolian Tris   14,00
Homemade ravioli,    
cheese and bacon dumplings,    
butter and parmesan cheese    
You may order any of our starters as a main
course - Surcharge 2,00 €.
... from our soup cauldron
Goulash soup 8,00
… children's menu
Pork medallion with French fries 10,00
Sausage with French fries 8,00
Spaghetti or macaroni with 6,50
tomato or meat sauce    
Chicken nuggets or fish fingers 8,00
with French fries    
Frozen ingredients will be used if fresh ones are not available.

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